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We founded Apotheca because we believe that marketing should be holistic, and not just a loose amalgamation of tactics and siloed programs. We specialize in marketing assessments, website design, paid media, SEO, social media, analytics, content marketing and traditional marketing.

But the real value of Apotheca is the hands-on experience our team has managing marketing programs for some of the largest and most successful companies in the industry, our passion for our clients' success, and our deep industry knowledge.
our executive team alone, has over 30 years of combined experience in all facets of marketing and communications.
  • Public relations for a well-known public affairs firm; worked closely with state and local officials on driving favorable public opinion for important issues.  
  • Marketing communications for a $2.1 billion publicly-traded company, Intuit; managed all digital and traditional marketing.  
  • Lead the web marketing efforts for a $50 million internet/catalog retailer; grew internet business by 50%.  
  • Started and managed the marketing function of a cardiovascular device company; rebranding entire organization and individual product lines, as well as building every marketing piece, both on an offline, from scratch.
  • Interactive marketing for large health insurance company, Medical Mutual; led email and search engine optimization efforts for growing organization, achieving higher-than-anticipated conversion rates.
  • Lead a team of 40 website analytics and optimization associates for the largest independent digital agency in the country, Rosetta; worked with leading retail, financial, telecom companies, including Fidelity, Office Max, Vonage, and more to help them understand and improve their website performance.

As you can see, regardless of your need or the type of business you are in, we have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your unique goals.   Contact us at 440-701-6665 or at info@apothecadigital.com  and let us help you develop a strategy to grow your organization.  

Leadership Team

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So, What Makes Us Different From Other Agencies?

Many agencies specialize in specific tactics: technology or design, paid media, others in SEO, and even fewer in analytics. This has traditionally forced marketers to juggle numerous, specialized agencies, each operating in a vacuum from one another.

Even at larger agencies that are supposedly full service, each tactic or specialty is a discrete "practice" within the agency, each managed by separate teams with little to no actual collaboration between these teams.

Principal & Founder

This silo approach leads to separate teams vying for budget, vying for your time, and definitely not working together to leverage interdisciplinary efficiencies and strategies.

We don't see a marketing program just in terms of individual tactics like PPC, SEO, or Social. We see a specific marketing need or campaign that may leverage each, all, or some of these tactics in varying degrees to effectively and profitably accomplish your goals.

Jenny Rice Bielewicz

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